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Business Development Services

"Pick the right Marketing Approach for your Campaign.  Some Industries have a higher success rate utilizing Live Interactive Marketing versus Telemarketing."


Outbound Call Centers make lots of money for the Worlds Top Earning Companies.  For Decades the majority of Fortune 500 Companies BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to Call Centers to do both their Outbound and Inbound Marketing for Sales, Collections, Customer Service, Technical Services and Support.  However, we're only dedicated to Sales and Marketing.  Generating Revenue is the most important part of any business operation. 



Certain types of businesses benefit more from Canvassing than others.  Knocking on doors is the best method to Generate Revenue if your company has anything to with Construction, Landscaping, Utilities (Cable, Telephone, Internet), Home Remodeling, Non-Profit Fundraising, Religion, Missionary Organizations, Residential Home Services (Security, Home Warranties) Surveys and Consumer Research. One of the first "Door to Door" Knocking was done by Salespeople in the Insurance industry and selling appliances.  Remember, the Kirby Vacuum Cleaner Salesman, who interrupted your day by demonstrating their product. 



Interactive Sales Marketing is the best way to sell your products and services.  Whenever there is the Opportunity to Present a Product to a Customer, the Deal can be Sealed in minutes.  From the time that the Salespersons gives an Introduction, Value Statement, Rebuttal and Close.  The only thing left is seeing how fast the Customer can pay for the product.  Certain businesses do better with Interactive Marketing such as, Food and Beverage Companies, Restaurants, Retail Establishments, Festival Vendors and Companies that utilize Tradeshows and Outdoor Markets to Sell their Products and Services.


Our Leadership has over 200 combined years of experience in Marketing Research.  If you need to know what consumers think about your products and services, then Conducting a Survey Study we'll definitely tell you.  We encourage our Clients to get Customer Feedback as often as possible through various marketing tools (like the Internet, "Face to Face" and by Telephone.  We recommend always Sampling 10% of your Customers to ensure accuracy in your Data Analysis Results.  We charge a Flat Rate Per/Survey, for more information go to the Research tab.  We guarantee that there will be no Bias associated with our Survey Research.  Plus we can design your Survey Questionnaire to perfection for your Company.


Non-Profits and Public Organizations have fundraising events on a regular basis.  We offer several Business Development Solutions to help Groups to achieve their Fundraising Goals.  Our Call Center Operations will solicit donors to get money for your cause.  We call both Businesses and Residences in the United States and abroad; and we Recruit, Train and Manage Canvassing Teams.


Plus we'll help Recruit Volunteers for your cause at a Discounted Rate.  We understand how hard it is to get Vendors, Sponsors, Volunteers, Donations and Attendees for your events.





Delivering Flyers and Promotional Materials is by far the best way to reach cutomers directly if your business generates more money through Canvassing.  We deliver Flyers to both Residences and Businesses.  We recommend you use a PR Code on your Promotional Materials to determine the effectiveness of this Sales Solution for your Company.  We offer our Interactive Marketing Services when we deliver Flyers.  If a Customer is at home or at their place of business, when appropriate, we'll probe to get information, add value to our Clients products and Services.  Plus we'll try to schedule an Appointment Lead.  If, the Customer agrees, there will be a small additional fee required to get the Appointment Lead.

Get the right Sales Training for your Team and do not Waste your valuable money preparing people to Sell your products and services when they do not have the Skill Set.  This includes having the appropriate Training Length, "6 Weeks of Training may not be necessary, when it can be done in 2 weeks".  Always Recruit people who have great potential to get the job done.  Our Sales Training focuses on Training Modules with high emphasis on Closing the Deal.  We concentrate on every Stage of the Sales Process.  The Introduction, Building a Rapport, Adding Value, Handling Rejection and Closing the Sales Deal.  Plus, we have Specialized Training Modules focusing on specific "Need to Know" Topics.  Our Sales Training Programs are designed for all types of Learners from Beginners to Advanced Sales Professionals.


If you have a small business, anytime is the best time to market your products and sevices.  The more you market and advertise, the more people will recognize your products or remember your company for what you have done for them.  The human brain naturally remembers branding, which is when the consumer has seen, touched or tasted a product or service.  Marketing is an investment that should always come back to you with higher sales margins.


The Inbound Live Sales Attendant Program was designed for busy Sales Professionals and Small Business Owners to help reduce the cost of having to hire an Internal Sales Team when you need to generate and maintain revenue growth.  This service allows Sales teams to focus on Closing Deals instead of generating new leads and asking Sales Administrator questions.  We Lease PBX Telephone Lines and we can answer all questions, upsell New Products and Services and Make your Lead Appointments Immediately when called


Finding the right people to hire for any job can be challenging, but hiring Sales Professionals who can produce results can be downright difficult.  Don't be left out on the best methods and cost-efficient standards for hiing the proper Sales Staff to work for your company.  Remember, when it comes right down to it, being an effective Sales Professional is not about College Degrees or Job Ranking or Status, it's simply about having Soft Skills that work.  Let SalesLearning find the right people for you!  We Advertise, Interview, Perform Background Checks and much more...

There are thousands of Data Collection Companies in the world and you don't know which one to hire?  Don't be confused!  Hire only the company that actually works with a Sales Model Proven to Be Successful, there is only one, SalesLearning Corporation.


We don't purchase Prospects from other companies.  We have a very unique process when it comes to prospecting and once we're done gathering all the contact data we need to reach the Customer, we call the product a "Raw Lead". Our Clients close more deals with Raw Leads.  No Sales Person wants to call someone who has been called hundreds of times before, let alone try to close a deal with that Customer.


SalesLearning has the Best Practice and Standards when it comes to Data Collection, Data Gathering and Data Privacy Polices. Our Data is relevant, verified and valuable.  We don't just provide you with Contact Information (such as, the prospective customers Name, Address, Telephone Number, Email Address), but we offer insight as to what the Customers needs and wants are.


Our Data is 100% Guaranteed to be working reachable viable contacts.  You will never be charged for non-working telephone numbers or email addresses. 

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