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NOW HIRING! Please Read
We're looking for Smart Hard Working people.   SalesLearning understands that Sales is not for everyone, it's a softskill that everyone does not possess, so we have a simple but efficient Hiring Process.  
We have a series of tests that involve your ability to sell utilizing a number of disciplines like Closing A Cold Call, Handling Objections and providing Quality Customer Service.  
Completing this assessment is the next step after you completed a SalesLearnig Job Application.  Please Follow The Steps
Each Assessment is sent to you Electronically, after you Complete the Skill Assessment, your results will be graded by a SalesLearning Recruiter and Trainer.  Every question on the test will be graded individually and the results are sent back to you via email.  You must receive a score higher than 80% to start  working for us immediately.  If you receive a score lower than 80% we have some options for you:
  1. You must wait at least 30 Days before you can take the Skill Assessment again.  SalesLearning will not consider your Job Application until that time.
  2. You can begin working for SalesLearning after you have taken the recommended Sales Training Courses offered.  The courses recommended will only be those that you need help with and failed on the Skill Assessment. 
  3. If you fail and complete courses, you will be required to re-take the Skill Assessment again, this is only after you complete the required SalesLearning Training Courses.  To view a list of these courses  go to this link. SalesLearning Training School.
  4. Each course will be offered to you at No Charge.  SalesLearning offers an award winning learning system that prepares you for any type of Sales Job.  It is the same Sales Training Program that we charge our Customers and Clients.   We're looking for serious Job Candidates.
  5. You can work while you are completing the recommended training courses.  You wil have your choice to work on any Campaign available.  We have dozens of Clients and we're growing fast.
  6. For more information about this policy and more contact us at:
The beauty of all of this is that you will earn money while you learn! 
  • Our jobs pay an average of $30 per/hour. 
  • You are considered an Independent Contractor with unlimited earning potential. 
  • You don't have to look for work any longer.  You'll become proficient at selling that Employers will be calling you.
  • Have the freedom of working out of your home everyday and making a good income.
New Hire Options
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