This SalesLearning Industry Training Guide will help prepare you to Sell when working in a Religious Spiritual environment. Plus we recommend purchasing the guide,  if you are taking the Corresponding Webinar because it's an extra resource guide to follow.  It focuses on understanding important subject matter that Sales Professionals need to know when they are selling a product or service to this specific industry.  Great Sales Professional know that there are words of persuasion and behaviors that pertain   The Training Guide includes Lesson Plans, Common Discussion Topics, Exercises with Real Cases and Role Plays.  We're committed to your learning more about this subject, so you can further you sales career, we've included a Quiz and an Evaluation, so we can always improve our Training Programs.  This Module is a Paperback Copy with a Binding Cover.  Has approximately 25 Pages.  Please note that SalesLearning is always changing and adding New Materials to the Training Guide.

TRAINING MANUAL - Religious Groups



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