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Our Promise To Guarantee Great Service


It is our goal to ensure that you, our Client is completely satisfied.  We'll always try to represent ourselves professionally, honest and accurate.  Our knowledgeable and well trained staff work with integrity to create clear expectations on what you will be getting from us.  We guarantee this service with a strict refund and credit policy.  Clients will be given credit in the event an Appointment Lead did not show or a prospect's contact information was not reachable.  This rule applies to any service that we charge our Clients and their Customers.


SalesLearning values the privacy of others through the data and information that we collect from both our Clients and their Customers.  The Data that we collect is used to Collect Payment for Client Orders and to Perform Business Development Services for our Clients.  We do not sell or publish our Clients information without their permission.  This includes any data that is sent electronically through the uploading of files and documents or when proprietary data is sent through the mail, faxed or gathered on the telephone by our employees. 


We're always gathering data about Consumers.  We respect the privacy of each person's data that we collect.  We use advance technology security equipment that prevents any hacking or data theft.  Our facility operates with the highest security standards in the industry.  Certain personal questions will never be asked like Social Security Numbers, Driver's License and Credit Card Numbers.  Plus, we don't collect Customer Payments for our Client's Products and Services, and we're proud that we've never had any data infringements in our company's history. 

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