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Introducing SalesLearning Corporation, we provide 4 key Business Development Solutions:


1.      Call Center Operations, we have several Locations in the United States and over 200 Telecommuters across the nation. Limited Offer: Pay no Start-Up Fees, 30-Day Trial Offer, includes a dedicated PBX Telephone Number for inbound calling.   


2.      Sales Recruiting, we help other companies find great effective Sales Professionals, this includes Canvassing Teams.


3.      Sales Training, we offer daily Online Training Webinars, help other organizations produce Sales Seminars and sell quality Sales Training Manuals. 


4.     Business Intelligence and Consumer Research, through our Call Center Operations, we conduct surveys through Survey Research, In-Person and through our Outbound Call Center Operations.


 About Who We Are:

  • SalesLearning is a new company with a very promising future, just started in June 2015.

  • Our Call Center Operations has over 12 loyal clients where we provide telemarketing services on a daily basis. 

  • Right Now, we’re aggressively developing our Sales Recruiting and Sales Training business areas, so we’re offering a wonderful opportunity for you to grow with us:



  • Unlimited Job Listings on for only $25.00 for 3 months: or

  • Advertising Sales Events such as Sales Training Workshops or Hiring Campaigns. 


So I bet you’re wondering what the advantages are:


  • More advertising exposure through the thousands of people visiting our site each month who are looking for employment.

  • SalesLearning pays for additional advertising on other Top Rated Job Sites and receives over 1K job applications every month for the past quarter and growing. 

  • We’re continuing to provide exposure to SalesLearning through our advance Call Center Operations and increasing visibility on the World Wide Web. 


If you agreed to this introductory offer please remember it’s a no-risk agreement, non-binding and requires no obligation from your company.


For more information about SalesLearning or to take advantage of the Introductory Offer. Click on the links below:


  • Sales Jobs – For Unlimited Job Listings

  •  Learn Today – For Sales Training Manuals and Intellectual Materials, you can sell on our site or purchase.

  • Sales Events – For listings of sales events including workshops and training.

 Please come grow with us, Sign-Up today!




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