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"Canvassing works better for certain companies than others.  If you manage a Sales Team in one of the specific industries listed below, we recommend that you hire SalesLearning to Recruit, Train and Manage your Canvassing Teams."

Instant Contact
Residential Construction and Building Trades
Fact #1:  Knocking on doors is the best way to reach your audience.  Sales Teams need to see what the Customer's needs are before they can present their products and services. 
Get Fast Results
Residential Utilities and Cable Services
Fact #2: Due to Government Regulations Residential Telemarketing is much more difficult than many years ago.  Colding Calling and trying to reach Consumers is not cost-effective depending upon how many dials before the Customer can be reached.
Canvassing Programs
Cable Carriers
Garbage Collection
Construction Contractors
Religious Organizations
Residential Internet Providers
Environmental Groups
Residential Heating and Air
Political Campaigns
New Consumer Products
and many more...
Consumer Fundraising for Non-Profits Organizations
Fact #3:  "Face to Face" Presentations work extremely well when it comes to getting donations right on the spot and support for a cause.  In recent years Interactive Marketing has become a very successful Lead Generation solution for Retailers and Missionary Organizations.
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